The Perfect Storm Is About To Hit

It’s hard to remember any other time in history when a confluence of so many potentially catastrophic circumstances were simultaneously occurring in order to create the perfect storm upon all of humanity. 

Here’s an example.  At a time when there are massive problems with the food supply chain, resulting in shortages of many everyday items, normally found on supermarket shelves, someone thinks it’s a really great idea to mix ethanol with the gas that fuels our cars in order to conserve dwindling supplies.  Good idea?  Not when you consider that ethanol is derived from corn which will further reduce food growth while significantly increasing prices to unprecedented levels.

But it’s not only that!  Given the constant emphasis on climate concerns, green alternatives and the need to lessen emissions, why would anyone think that ethanol, a corrosive fuel which damages plastic and fiberglass tanks as well as some engines not to mention its being less effective than traditional gasoline, is a good thing for the environment? In fact, we already know that ethanol blends can be responsible for toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases which cause significant levels of air pollution.  Why are those things suddenly unimportant?

When the experiment of ethanol was federally subsidized years ago, it was deemed to be a huge failure.  “According to the U.S. Department of Energy, vehicles typically go 3-4 percent fewer miles per gallon …because ethanol packs only about two-thirds the BTU’s of gasoline.” (e360.yale.edu, The Case Against More Ethanol:  It’s Simply Bad for Environment, 5/25/16).  

Of course, allowing sources of oil and gas to be developed and made available is not a better option to those whose agenda is not bringing relief but rather pursuing new, untried ideas which they see as being the future for mankind, despite their being ineffective and even dangerous.

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Hence, another loser of an idea – wind turbines and solar panels.  These forms of energy have also been proven to be woefully ineffective when certain weather conditions, such as extreme cold and ice render them useless.  Why would anyone rely upon a clearly inferior source of energy for providing heat and other daily energy needs? Doesn’t make sense, right?

Then there’s the prediction of an energy crisis this summer, coming in the form of rolling blackouts, defined as “systematic, temporary power outages that help bring balance to the supply and demand of electricity in the market.” (www.directenergy.com)  This ominous news is making people quite nervous over what could become a real calamity as reduced electrical capacity threatens almost 40% of the US population.  Most affected could be Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Wisconsin.  It’s not a pretty picture to spend a night in sweltering temperatures of 90-100 degrees with no air-conditioning.  But who cares if you’re uncomfortable? That’s the price you have to pay for a greener world!

Add to that misery, the inability to get in your car and travel distances, as we all once did, because the price of gas is simply prohibitive, but who cares? You’ll always have the wonderful memories of your great road trips.  

Or what about the new reality of empty shelves in the supermarkets – an unthinkable occurrence which those of us, born well after the Depression, have never had to confront.  To our great fortune, all we have ever known is incredible abundance and endless variety.  But as food prices have risen nearly 30%, in the last year, even if certain items are still available, how many will be able to afford them?

All the above concerns are not the only ones.  Lack of police and other first responders has resulted in huge spikes in crime as well as the deterrence of crime.  As layoffs and job terminations became ubiquitous, due to Covid mandates as well as the inability of private businesses being able to weather so many new rules and demands, there’s hardly an industry which hasn’t been hard hit, resulting in tremendous inconvenience to the public as so much has ceased to be accessible.  

Sadly, not even our kids have been exempt as this has impacted on education, work programs and just about every form of course instruction which allows upward mobility for the next generation, thereby providing them with a better quality of life than their parents.  That’s the way it used to be.  

We also mustn’t forget the new societal trends which have been politically-fueled in an attempt to dramatically alter daily life in ways which many of us find unacceptable and disturbing.  Opting out or questioning these new constructs and norms is not an alternative, because each of us is expected to happily adopt whatever is being demanded by those who say, “This is the way it’s going to be from now on.”  That unnerving sense that personal tastes and freedoms are being systematically taken away is helping to create a feeling of anxiety which is also adding to apprehension and dread of where this is all heading.

Recent headlines have added yet another component, and that is impending war.  While we’ve been ensconced in the war between Ukraine and Russia, resulting in millions of displaced persons, not to mention the threat that if Taiwan declares its independence from China, a war will be the result.  But, just today, the latest threat has come from Iran which has stated that they are aware of a particular plan of Israel which, if executed, will give them a reason to annihilate the Jewish state.

Does anyone, besides me, think that all these unlikely events are not part of a greater, coordinated plan?  You’d think that such an enormous amount of unrest, impending calamity and intolerable conditions should waken global populations to revolt and say, “ENOUGH!”  But be prepared for what happens next.  We’ve already gotten a glimpse, through Canada, of how governments could end up dealing with people who take to the streets in order to protest the type of bad leadership and crazy decision making which has been taking place and creating havoc for everyone.   

But what if this is truly the goal of governments, in order to seize control and power by way of emergency measures, Martial Law, more lockdowns and strict curfews, similar to what we’ve witnessed in Shanghai?  Then all of these really bad measures, which are causing us to live with lack, discomfort, anxiety and even dread are being done so with the expressed purpose of making life unlivable and unbearable in order to bring us to the boiling point.  

That is when the perfect storm happens.  Everything unravels.  Society no longer functions in a reasonable way, and everyone wakes up from the sloth and complacency which has kept them from any active involvement and the need to refuse the changes which they want us to make against our own common sense and good judgment.

It’s coming!  Of this you can be sure.  All the disasters of famine, war, pestilence and the rest are the results of all the insane measures being enacted by so many governments and so many leaders.  The question is – will we wait until it befalls us or will we decide to pre-empt the tragedy which could very well be just around the corner? 

Each one of us has to ask ourselves if remaining passive and silent will serve our interests or are we playing right into the hands of those who believe that resistance will only come when it’s too late? Think about it, but don’t take too long, because there probably isn’t much time left! 

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