How Trump Made The Democrats Look Crazier Than The Mullahs And Had The Best Week Of His Presidency

Trump exposed Iran’s impotency and criminality all while letting his opponents showcase their cowardliness and hatred of America

Rose McGowan, has-been actress and fanatical anti-American activist
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According to the Democrats, Trump, by killing Soleimani, dispatched someone who is the equivalent of George Washington or at the very least Mike Pence. According to the Democrats, Trump attacked Iran, the very idea of Iran, and the Iranian people. According to the Democrats, Trump has declared war on Iran without congressional approval. According to the democrats, Iranian revenge will be both swift and painful.

Prominent liberals in America sent the Iranian dictator personal messages pleading for their lives and promising to (politically) assassinate Trump for them, if Iran just lets them live.

In the meantime, in the real world, Iran bombed American bases in Iraq with 1960’s vintage ballistic missiles. If any proof was needed after the successful elimination of Soleimani and his deputies that Iran was utterly transparent to American and Israeli intelligence, Iranian retaliatory attacks were known well in advance to the American military, which took actions to ensure that there would be no casualties.

In the meantime, Iran committed a war crime by letting its unprofessional and careless anti-aircraft forces operate inside a civilian airport without first terminating airport operations, resulting in 176 civilian deaths and a whole eighteen wheeler worth of eggs on the ayatollah’s bearded mug.

Not a minute passed after the Ukrainian airliner tragedy and already globalist perverts like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, 63 of whose citizens tragically lost their lives that day, were blaming Trump for their deaths. But reality is a stubborn thing and space over Iran is densely populated by satellites that image every inch of its territory with every nanometer of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that the Iranian missiles that were launched at the Ukrainian airplane were tracked in minute detail from the moment their engines were ignited to the moment they so tragically found their mark.

This information was shared with Ukraine, and Iran had no choice but issue an mea culpa, taking full responsibility for the “unfortunate incident”. So it turned out that Iran, far from being able or even willing to take on the United States, could not even properly operate the toys it had acquired from the Russians.

Senior Democrats, in fact ALL Democrats, in Congress, in the Senate, and those vying to take Trump on in the fall, bet on Iran against their own country. They went all in, they committed their last chip, they bet it all on a murderous and criminal regime IMMEDIATELY AFTER IT HAD COMMITTED ONE OF ITS WORST CRIMES. They bet on a regime that is weak in every sense of the word, including the military one.

But wait, there is more! The slaughter of innocent people, many of them Iranian, by the criminal actions of the ayatollahs may have been applauded by the liberal progressives in the West, but it was abhorred by the Iranian people. For every corrupt, degenerate, perverted Rose McGowan and Michael Moore, and Nancy Pelosi, there are, as it turns out, hundreds of fearless Iranian women, women with a capital W, who are willing to risk imprisonment, torture, and death to stand with the good that is America against the evil that is the Iranian regime.

The contrast between the snivelling cowardliness and zero-consequence treachery of the American liberal elites and the true courage of the Iranian people could not be more stark. This contrast sends a clear message that even the treasonous main stream media cannot hide: liberals hate America and they want it gone. I am hardly being original here. People who support president Trump know this to be true and have known it to be true for quite a while. But there has not yet been a demonstration of this fact to regular apolitical folks, which has the clarity and contrast of the Soleimani affair.

Not a single Democratic senator joined the Republicans in thanking the American troops for their excellence in dispatching from this world several arch-terrorists whose hands were dripping with American blood. No Democratic politician had the courage to thank those who killed the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and the American people. They will all have to defend their choices come fall.

The bottom line of the Soleimani affair has yet to be written, but the halftime report is this: Trump managed to do the nearly impossible; deal a critical blow to Iranian prestige and expose Iran’s weakness and criminality without attacking it directly. He threaded the needle between the absolute need to reinforce American deterrence of Iran and his base’s aversion to new foreign wars. Luck? A great team? A thankful Israel, willing to share more intelligence than they ever would have with the Bushes, the Clintons, or the Obamas? A revitalized military? A great gut instinct? All of the above? Who cares! Winning is winning and winners get to write their own history.

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Kate January 12, 2020 at 9:46 pm

We celebrated the wonderful week yesterday with Trump Sparkling Wine and friends, the one sad part of course was the loss if lives from the downed aircraft, but the winning keeps going on. I enjoyed the day when Paul Krugman outed himself for having child porn on his computer.

Trev Adams January 13, 2020 at 6:12 am

Genesis 12 3 comes immediately to mind.

skoch January 13, 2020 at 6:19 am

Ya, buddy!!!!


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