APARTHEID: How A Word In Afrikaans Became The Go To Weapon In The Globalist Arsenal

Accusations of apartheid have already destroyed South Africa, the only advanced state on the African continent. Now, the same tactics are being used against Israel, the only advanced state in the Middle East. America is next.

Early Dutch settlers in Africa baptizing some locals

The concept of apartness is an essentially human and humanistic concept. It is a concept without which no human society has ever functioned and none ever will. When I travel to Europe, I cannot stand in the shorter, quicker “citizens of the EU” line to passport controls because I am not a citizen of the EU. This is a privilege I enjoy when traveling to the US and to Israel because I am a citizen of those countries. Am I being discriminated against, discriminated for? Yes, I am, and rightly so.

When I am in Europe on business or as a tourist, there are many privileges that local residents enjoy, which I do not have access to. In America, there are many gated communities and condominium buildings that allow access only to owners and their guests. They discriminate. They set apart those who invested money in buying a piece of property inside their real or virtual walls and those who did not.

Many if not most major employers discriminate between full time permanent employees and those who work alongside them on temporary or part-time basis. This discrimination is often very significant in terms of pay, benefits, and promotion opportunities. It could well be said that these employers have an institutionalized system of “apartheid”, a system that sets aparts, that creates separate classes of employees, which while working for the same employer in the same facility often doing the same work, are treated entirely differently based on their employment status, a status that they are powerless to change.

South Africa set up and attempted to maintain such a system based on race. The reason for this was the belief, by European-origin South Africans, that should their country be run by people of other than European origin, all of their many achievements, won over many centuries by the blood and toil of their ancestors, would be lost. That belief was fully born out when European South Africans were forced by the rest of the world to surrender control of their country, which consequently and immediately gained the status of a Trumpian s-hole.

The destruction of South Africa, a major technologically and militarily advanced country, a country which was home to a European-derived industrious people, the Afrikaners, was the first major victory by the globalist progressives. It was most assuredly not a victory for justice over injustice. It was something much more mundane. It was a victory of blacks over whites. Of one people over another. A predictable result of that victory was genocide. The genocide of the losing party, the Afrikaners, by the winning party, the blacks.

Afrikaners lost because they failed to wage a successful public relations campaign in the West and allowed themselves to be defined as bloodthirsty racists by their black enemies at home and white liberal progressives abroad. Afrikaners had indeed tried to sustain the unsustainable: white rule over majority black population that wanted none of it. In this, as opposed to drastically reducing the size of their country by shrinking it to areas in which whites could be the majority, the Afrikaners, in hindsight, had taken the wrong turn. This choice inexorably led them to a spiral of atrocities committed against a civilian population made up of people of diverse racial origins and a parallel spiral of racial “purity” that soon began resembling that of the Nazis. With that in mind, perhaps there was nothing they could have done to win the public relations battle in the West, but having lived through the 1980’s, I feel that they have never really tried.

The Afrikaners defeat gave progressives a powerful weapon: the word “apartheid”. Progressive globalists managed to equate that word with annihilation, with the loss of the privilege to exist. In other words, all that they needed to do to bring down a state, a culture, no matter how successful or powerful, was to stick it with the apartheid label. The rest would be automatic. A system of boycotts and international sanctions would make sure that this entity and all that were part of it would cease to exist in the most fundamental of ways; they would be genocided.

The ultimate intended victim of the apartheid doomsday weapon is undoubtedly the United States. But first, before the “Great Satan” can be brought down, the globalists are making a trial run at the “Little Satan”, Israel. The apartheid word has been bandied about with respect to Israel for a while now, but expect these attacks to kick up a notch with the unveiling of the “Deal of the Century”. Precisely because the peace plan proposed by the Trump administration is so commonsensical in its acknowledgment of the realities on the ground, precisely because it is supported by the main Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf states including Qatar, precisely because it has a good chance to succeed, it will be attacked with the apartheid weapon. The assault is already under way.

If Israel has a military and the Palestinian state, presumably called Palestine, does not, it’s apartheid. If a Jew living in a Jewish settlement is an Israeli citizen and an Arab living in an Arab settlement nearby is a Palestinian citizen, that’s apartheid. And if you (Jews) practice apartheid, your fate is one: genocide.

Of course, Israel is only small potatoes. The big prize is America. If a guy who overstayed his tourist visa doesn’t have the right to vote in American elections, that’s apartheid. If a guy currently a few feet south of the American-Mexican border does not have the same exact rights and privileges as a guy currently a few feet north of it, that’s apartheid.

Apartheid is a weapon. Like any weapon, it has no morality, no justice. It is a tool wielded by one party against another. This is something that American Whites and Israeli Jews must well understand and deeply ponder. Those who wield the apartheid weapon have no wish to ensure equal treatment for everyone. Their goal is to attach the apartheid label to their enemies and then use it to annihilate them. Because the Afrikaners practiced apartheid, they have to be genocided; their language, their culture, and they themselves must be erased.

If the apartheid label is successfully affixed to American Whites or to Israeli Jews, it is with the same purpose; their complete and utter annihilation. Apartheid works because it seeks out and infiltrates the frontal lobes of the overprivileged and the feeble minded. When you are rich enough to never come into contact with blacks, hispanics, or Arabs who do not have advanced degrees, you know one thing about yourself. You know that you are indeed prejudiced. You are prejudiced against the less-educated, the less affluent, the less articulate. This prejudice, this latent guilt, drives you to become a tool. You willingly attach the apartheid label to those who are like you (white, Jewish), but who are less fortunate and unable to resist being thus labeled or to use their wealth and privilege to negate the adverse effects thereof.

Thus our over privileged elites become the willing agents of our own destruction and of course their own too, in due course. So let’s not let them. Let’s continue to call them out on their BS, let’s attack and win back their power bases in the media, the academia, the legal system, and in big business and high technology. Let’s remind them that it is they who practice apartheid every minute of every day, hiding behind the walls of gated communities and private clubs. Let’s remember what happened to the Afrikaners, an industrious people who created the only prosperous and technologically advanced country that had ever existed on the African continent, a country that is now naught but a distant memory. It can happen to us.

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PAWatcher February 9, 2020 at 7:19 am

Whomever calls for the kettle color/inferiors separation is committing Apartheid? Or is it the other way round?
What a conundrum.


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