Trump And Netanyahu Take On The Globalist Cabal

The alliance between Trump and Netanyahu and similarities in both their styles and the attack tactics used by their enemies makes them the undisputed leaders of Western civilization

Romans carry the treasure and religious artifacts they stole from the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Rome has been gone for fifteen centuries, yet Jerusalem is once again the capital of a free Jewish state.
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It seems that Providence has brought together the unlikeliest of comrades, President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu and put them in charge of the global forces of good, the Armies of the Sons of Light. Only they have the slightest interest in confronting the Nazi Germany of our times, the ayatollah’s Iran. Only they seem to care about freedoms, both personal and national. Only they are brave enough to call out the Sons of Darkness by name: Globalists, Radical Islamists, Socialists, Communists. Only they are willing to confront the corrupt judicial establishments in Israel and in America alike. Only they do not feel compelled to bend the knee in front of the feckless, cowardly, corrupt generation of senior officials and generals that form much too big of a slice of the American and the Israeli intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, and the military.

Only Trump and Netanyahu are willing to not only protect their own people like Viktor Orban in Hungary, but to do so publicly, fearlessly, for all to see. Gulliver-like, both leaders drag behind them, stuck in their flesh, the puny arrows of corrupt prosecutors and their lackeys in the so-called “press”. Both are assaulted by “witnesses” threatened within an inch of their lives to bear false witness against them. When one such witness recanted his testimony against Netanyahu, testimony that was dragged out of him by the arrest of his entire asset portfolio, he was immediately thrown in jail and the corrupt Israeli police are now plotting how to ruin his life once and for all. And who can doubt that the only reason for Manafort’s trials and tribulations is his brief stint as Trump’s wingman in the campaign? Who can argue that had he not taken that job he would be now wearing the finest Italian wool, not prison orange.

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Israeli “commentators” fill the screens with diatribes on how Trump and Netanyahu concocted the American recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli sovereign territory for no other reason than deflection from their supposed “corruption”. How both leaders are “isolated” around the world, how the declaration is meaningless and dangerous. The collapse in the polls of the concocted, astroturfed Blue and White party, custom made by corrupt Israeli elites to take down the most successful prime minister Israel has ever had is driving Netanyahu’s enemies mad. “Traitor!” Shouts Blue and White Number two Yair Lapid. This from a guy who did nothing his whole life other than tell corny jokes on TV, a job he inherited from his father.

None of this matters. Netanyahu will win in a landslide in two weeks’ time and so will Trump a year and a half from now. Americans and Israelis have no desire to give up their national identities, their money, and most importantly their honor just to become canon fodder for the globalist scheme to Islamicize the two remaining bastions of freedom in the world and enslave them to a corrupt version of the third Abrahamic faith. The outcome is not in doubt, but that does not mean that the forces of Islamo-globalism and Islamo-fascism do not have to be eradicated. They do, and the sooner the better. The main reason Netanyahu and Trump are so hated by the enemies of freedom is that they refuse to play by the rules set up by the enemy. They refuse to prefer the fake “high-road” that is so enamored of various “establishment” “conservatives” in both countries. They call this “high-road”, these “principles” out for what they are, nothing but a thin and threadbare cover for cowardliness and petty greed.

Let’s face it, the never-Trumpers, the Mitt Romneys and the Paul Ryans and their equivalents in Israel like Dan Meridor and Benny Begin, are not even kidding themselves anymore. Even they do not believe that they act out of “principle”. They simply assess that the forces of Islam and multi-cultural globalism will prevail and are trying to carve out for themselves a place in the new world or at least not get hauled to the gas chambers. The really sad part is that these people are neither uneducated nor dumb. They know history. They know that their gambit for self-preservation is doomed to failure. And yet their cowardice is such that they prefer the death of slaves with perhaps the slightest of delays to taking part in the fight, a fight they think of as doomed from the start.

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I won’t deny it. It is sad to see a nation like New Zealand, a nation founded by two proud warrior peoples, the English and the Maori, surrender without a fight and voluntarily put itself in the handcuffs of Islam. Churchill knew what he was talking about when he said that nations that go down without a fight disappear from history, while those who die fighting, may yet recover their former glory. Two thousand years ago, the Jews in Judea refused to surrender without a fight, refused to be absorbed into the shapeless glob that was the Roman empire. They lost the battle, but where is the Roman empire now? Titus Arch with its relief of stolen Jewish treasure stands in ruins, while the Jews are rebuilding the ancient capital where this treasure once resided.

Noble losses are better than shameful surrender, but glorious victories are much better yet. The war isn’t over, the struggle against the evil that is Islamic globalist fascism has just begun. Let us cast our lot with leaders who know how to win and get it done.

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Tsionizm Staff


mlopez March 23, 2019 at 2:53 pm

What a breath of fresh air! Baruch, your acquaintance my pleasure, sir. I would only add the addition hopefully of Nigel Farange will make a triumphant capable of changing the world. God bless you my friend and comrade. We will never surrender nor submit to any more Masadas.

Staff May 24, 2019 at 6:47 pm

Thank you!

WGR May 7, 2019 at 11:03 am

Sir, Your articles are the missing piece that puts the whole puzzle into perspective. Thank you. WGR

Freedom Will Sing May 24, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Nice propaganda. The world is awakening to the cabal. We will out you.

Staff May 24, 2019 at 6:47 pm

Borderline. But approved.

Freedom Will be Eternal May 24, 2019 at 7:07 pm

Please elucidate on how it is a “borderline comment”.

Staff May 24, 2019 at 8:01 pm

The guidelines I use for approving comments on the site are that first and foremost my default position is to let everyone speak. I hate censorship. In the rare instances I move comments to trash, they include foul language that I judge unfit for publication or are overtly anti-Zionist or anti-semitic. Our site is called Tsionizm for a reason after all. Your comment made me think for a few seconds along these lines, but in the end I chose to publish it because it did not use foul language and I prefer to provide a forum for as wide a range of opinions as possible without providing a platform to opinions that I find at complete odds with our editorial policy as a Zionist publication.

FREEDOM IS FOR ALL May 24, 2019 at 9:56 pm

Why was your snap reaction to think it was anti-semitism when I mentioned the word cabal?

Nunyer Binnis July 15, 2019 at 2:26 am

I’m no expert on Zionism, Tsionism, or even Phlogiston Theory. I do know I support the EXISTANCE of Israel in it’s current location and Jerusalem as capitol of Israel. The worldly “leaders” can do what they want. For myself I will support Israel to the death.


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