How The Word “Cuck” Saved America

The age of forgiving the perfidy of Republican politicians, their donors, and their lackeys in the press is over

The original cuck. A 17th century British “gentleman” showcasing the cuckold’s horns is counting his unfaithful wife’s jewels. Note the lascivious, almost subhuman expression on his face.
Copyright: British Cartoon Prints Collection [Public domain]

What is a cuckold? This word used to be a brand that was worse than a death sentence for its bearer and in abbreviated form it is making quite a comeback, so the question might as well be asked and answered. A cuckold is not a husband whose wife has cheated on him with another man. It is not even a husband whose wife is still cheating on him with another man. A cuckold is a man so cowardly, so devoid of honor, so empty of the slightest shred of self-worth that KNOWING ABOUT HIS WIFE’S CHEATING HE DOES NOTHING.

And no, we are not talking here about fists flying, or pistols at twenty paces at dawn, even though this also existed. We are talking about not even a simple “Good-bye, madam” and a careful shutting of the front door. A man who knows that his wife is cheating on him and does nothing, a man who takes no action from simply leaving to physically harming her and her lover, is a cuckold. But only if others also know. If taking no action vis-a-vis a cheating wife is a necessary condition for cuckoldry, the public knowledge of the cheating is the sufficient one.

Think about a man who shows up to work every day and faces people, his subordinates, his equals, his superiors, who all know that his wife is cheating on him, who know that he knows, and who know that he isn’t going to do a damn thing about it. Is such a man even worthy of the moniker “man”? He may be a male member of the homo sapiens species, but no, this is not a man. This is a pathetic creature who deserves an ugly, old-fashioned label, a scarlet “C”. This is a human being who is beneath contempt. Paraphrasing the immortal Monty Pyton, this is an ex-human being.

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Now come the excuses, each of them making him even more pitiable, even more pathetic, even more contemptible. There are the kids to consider. The house is in her name. You know that I’ve been going through a rough patch lately with my career and her income is what pays the mortgage. And worse than that: I have been working so hard that I couldn’t possibly give her the attention she needed, you know how I am always away on business, right? After all, she deserves to bee happy too. She has her needs and I’ve just been so tired lately. And now for the coup de grace of cuckoldry: you know, HE has actually been doing me a service. By saving my marriage, I mean. We’ve had some rough times, sure, but never like this before. I thought she’d actually leave me, you know. So when he came along, well, it ended up saving our marriage.

So there we have it folks, a cuckold is a type of man who is a man in name only, but in reality is a slug. He is a a man who is so in love with the little things, his fancy car, his McMansion, his cushy sofa, but also with the bigger things, his career, his children, that he is willing to overlook the disdain of his colleagues, his friends, his own wife and even his own children, so as to not put these things in jeopardy. A cuckold is a “man” who essentially outsources the very essence of his function as a man to another for reasons of short-term expediency, of fear, of profit, of inertia, or all of those combined.

Cuck, the abbreviated version of cuckold, has been gaining steam lately in conservative and nationalist circles. It has been gaining steam, because the behavior of very nearly all prominent conservatives and Republicans, whether they were businessman or politicians, has been, well, cucked.

In Judaism, the Nation of Israel is often allegorized and God’s betrothed. And it has not, by any means, been a faithful one. Starting with the Golden Calf on the slopes of Mount Sinai and to this very day in America when many if not most Jews marry Gentiles, the Bride of Israel has not been marked by faithfulness to say the least. But God? Well, one can hardly accuse him of cuckoldry. Not after the Holocaust, that’s for sure. In fact, the noted Shakespeare critic and lapsed Yeshiva student Harold Bloom once noted that God hid his face from his Bride for nearly two millennia, until he decided to give her another chance in 1948.

The people of America who actually love their country are like the bride that has been left at the altar many times, but since she is bereft of suitors and perhaps more than a little naive, keeps coming back only to be stood up again. Until Donald Trump showed up on the scene, all the Republican politicians cucked the moment the prenup was signed by and the dowry of votes delivered. Romney, McCain, McConnell, Ryan, all of them. They all collected from their bride what she had promised, only to immediately jump in bed with her prettier sisters: the special interests, the rich traders in illegal migrant slave labor, the virtue signaling urban elites.

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But wait a second! Who is the cuckold husband and who the unfaithful wife? Something is broken in this allegory. Conservatives and nationalists call the feckless and unfaithful Republicans “cucks” because they abandon their principles the moment a donation check of any size makes an appearance, but who is the real cuckold in this story? Republican and conservative voters have been faithful for generations to a party and to politicians within that party who have betrayed them at every turn, publicly, ruthlessly, repeatedly. And yet these voters, until 2016 that is,came back for more. Far from exacting revenge, they didn’t even walk away. They never stayed home from the polls in any numbers that could make the point clear. They swallowed their pride and pulled the lever for Bushes who sent them to bleed and die in the Middle East and blew up the size of the federal government and the “losing with honor is better than winning” Romneys and McCains.

In pre-2016 America it was the Republican voter that was the cuckold. And what a cuckold he was. One of the greatest that ever lived. No betrayal went unforgiven, no act of perfidy unabsolved. The donor class and its lackeys collected the votes and jumped right back into the warm beds of globalists and progressives, of warmongers and salve traders, of America haters and snarky elitists.

In post-2016 America, something fundamental has changed. By electing Trump, Republican voters and assorted other Americans who got tired of being the worse cuckolds that ever lived threw their lot with a different kind of suitor. She is not an easy one to live with, the Trump electorate. But neither is he. There are occasional affairs of the heart, occasional steppings over the line. But there is still love and there is still honor in this relationship.

The word “cuckold” came into being like all epithets, because human societies thrive when they are made up of honorable men and women. Dishonorable behavior, cuckoldry, or cucking as it is now called, is bad for the human race. Cuckolds must be branded and shunned, so that others would be forewarned in following their footsteps.

The word “cuck” is serving much the same purpose. By sticking our politicians, “journalists”, “influencers”, and business people with that label, Americans communicate with each other. They create a toxicity map and send a powerful message that they are done cucking themselves and will not tolerate it in others. If they keep it up, America may yet be saved.

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SteveW March 24, 2019 at 5:17 am

I would apply the derogatory label of ‘Master Cuck’ to not only Donald Trumpenmerkel, but to every single spineless, gutless, subservient politician in our entire U.S. Congress and to the prior occupants of the White House, dating back to at least JFK – who are owned, lock, stock and barrel by a foreign nation (Israel) and who put the interests of that foreign nation ahead of the interests, welfare and national security of the United States.

One case in point – while our treasonous US Congress refuses to provide a measly $5.7 billion down payment for the promised Wall along our Southern border – that same group of cucks click their heels and give our tax dollars away to a foreign nation:

Israel gets far more than $38 billion under the new deal

“Israel gets far more than $38 billion under the new deal

A stack of 3.8 billion dollar bills would reach the International Space Station. The new package to Israel will give Israel ten times that much money. An Israeli official gloated that the package was obtained “despite budget cuts, including defense cuts, in the U.S.”

In an unprecedented gift of our executive power to Israel, the House has passed for the very first time a law that forces the American president to give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion per year. We have, in effect, crippled our ability to promote US interests in the Middle East. The new House version is even more generous to Israel than the Senate bill and the 2016 MOU… it amounts to $7,230 per minute to Israel, or $120 per second…”

Escondido March 24, 2019 at 2:03 pm

Author pooh – poohs, “The kids.” They are in fact the only valid reason to attempt to ignore the mother’s adultery. Maternal custody is not the worst thing that can happen to a child. But, it is certainly the worst thing that happens to most children.

Traditionally, if a woman broke up her marriage by adultery, she was sent packing with empty hands. Today, our insane judges have ruled her disgusting acts are her basic human right, like killing her babies. Adulterous women pay no penalty at all. Zip.

Look up the figures for the consequences of female adultery, combined with automatic female custody. A very high percentage of both boys and girls raised without a father FAIL in life, by many parameters. Times have changed, and any man who can successfully overlook his wife’s adultery to save his kids is indeed fortunate. It is not often that a man can successfully overlook his wife’s adultery. But, when it is possible, a man who cares for his kids will do it.

Stop functioning like a cave man. Woman have traditionally overlooked male adultery for logical reasons. If you are a real man and care for your kids, you will do it, too. It is people like you who have destroyed the men of the USA.

Baruch Pletner March 24, 2019 at 2:22 pm

I would simply say that a father who has no honor is worse than no father at all.

m. March 24, 2019 at 8:57 pm

Israel haters:

.Gen. 12:3: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee..
.there’s more, but ignore @ your own risk


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