The Curious Case Of The Ukrainian Flight From Tehran To Kiev

There are too many incongruities in the tragic loss of Flight PS752 from Tehran to Kyiv on the night of the Iranian attack on American bases for it to be written off as a coincidence

Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 such as was lost last night in Tehran
Copyright: Kiefer. from Frankfurt, Germany [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

A number of interesting details are emerging regarding the Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 that blew up in the skies above Tehran last night just as Iran was engaged in its propaganda war against the US. Out of the 176 souls on board, a whopping 63 were Canadian citizens. The rest were Iranians.

While Canada is home to many folks of Ukrainian descent who maintain close ties with their ancestral homeland, there are many other ways of reaching Kiev, ways that do not involve a country that is hostile to the West in general and to NATO in particular, both of which are entities to which Canada, at least nominally, belongs.

Ukraine, one of the three parties (along with Iran and Boeing) directly interested in the crash, has refused to say anything along the lines of mechanical failure as the possible cause of the crash. Iran has said that the so-called “black boxes”, or cockpit voice and data recorders, were recovered and were damaged in the crash, but could still be read. Iran has made it clear however, that it will breach protocol by not letting the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, have access to the devices. Iran has not specified with whom, if anyone, it would be sharing the data it recovers.

We have speculated here earlier that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down by Iranian air defenses who were primed to engage American aircraft that they were hoping to lure into the skies over Tehran by their pretend strike against American bases in Iraq. As someone who is a veteran of anti-aircraft forces, I can attest that high levels of battle readiness can easily result in target misidentification.

Boeing 737s have recently gotten a bad rap, but they are still among the most common aircraft in the world and have logged one of the highest totals of safely flown hours of any civilian platforms. A crash upon takeoff with the loss of all souls in Tehran on a night like last night is simply too much of a coincidence. Stay tuned for further details as they become available.

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