Militant Islam Has A Silver Lining – It Keeps Us Honest

In a fight for survival, in a war in which the enemy wants nothing of you but your death, the rules of war change and the only ethical choice is the annihilation of our enemies

Ethiopian banner protesting the genocide of Libyan Christians by militant Islamists
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My favorite scene in the movie Independence Day is when the American president, all military options having been exhausted to no avail, addresses the captive alien and inquires of him: “you got us beat, now what do you want us to do?”. The alien’s laconic answer? “Die”.

I like this scene because in a film otherwise full of sugary platitudes it is the one thing that tells us something honest and profoundly true about the human condition. Sometimes, not very seldom at that, our adversary simply wants us to die. They do not want to negotiate with us, they see no value in our culture, in our presence, in our service, and even in our body parts. They wants us gone. Disappeared. Dead.

This is what the Israelites, my remote ancestors, wanted of the Canaanites, this is what the European settlers in North America wanted of the Indians, and this is what Nazi Germany wanted of the European Jewry. I am not drawing any moral equivalency between the three (out of many) examples that I bring here because there is none. I am simply saying that history is replete with cases when all the winning side wants the losing side to do is die.

There are, of course, counter-examples. America didn’t want either the Germans or the Japanese dead at the end of WWII and not only because of the impracticality of such a desire. America saw real value in Germany’s and Japan’s continued existence because these countries were technologically advanced and could serve as important allies in the coming struggle for world dominance against the USSR. America also saw lasting value in the cultures developed and maintained by both the Germans and the Japanese, cultures that it wished to preserve as part of our common human heritage.

In other cases, victory is not sufficiently complete for the annihilation of the enemy or such an annihilation poses unacceptable moral and practical challenges. When Israel won the War of Independence in 1949, truth be told it may have wanted the Arab population within its borders “gone”. Sporadic actions were taken to encourage such an outcome via voluntary or compelled emigration, but on the whole Israel could not morally or practically expel or annihilate its Arab population in its entirety. Maybe it should have done so regardless, but it did not.

When facing an enemy, the crucial question that one must ask is “do they want me dead?” Should I lose this struggle, should I fall short and give my enemy power over me, will they see any value in my continued existence, will their actions towards me be guided by any moral principles, or will they simply want me dead and have the will and the means to affect that outcome?

If you are an American of European or Jewish ancestry, your enemy, the unholy alliance of progressive liberals and militant Muslims, the one-two punch of Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar most definitely wants you dead. This is something that was noticed and, I fear, trademarked by the popular columnist and attorney Kurt Schlichter, who keeps reminding us, with very good reason, that liberals wants us dead. Hopefully, by acknowledging Kurt’s primacy in this matter I have avoided any trademark infringements, since I would hate to raise his ire, but in all seriousness, liberals and their allies be they Muslim or Latino see no value in the continued existence of “whites” anywhere on Planet Earth and specifically in the USA. They want us gone.

Do they have the power and the lack of moral impediments to make their dream come true? Definitely on the latter, very nearly on the former. The takeover of America by the Islamic globo-bolsheviks was nearly accomplished in 2016 and since their failure in that election they have been using all their considerable powers to make that setback a fleeting one.

However, even the 2016 electoral setback did not do very much to counter the enemy’s weapon of choice for our extermination: their relentless promotion of barren sexuality in all its perverted forms as denoted by every letter of the alphabet. This tactic of diverting, perverting the human sex drive away from its natural purpose of procreation was very cleverly coupled to the scare tactic of “climate change”, making child bearing both sexually difficult and morally reprehensible since it would doom both the planet and the child. As our enemies have made contracting for the murder of unborn children both legal and free at any point of the pregnancy, they have made promiscuous, drunk, unprotected sexual relations free of consequences for those who wish to engage in them. Finally, the intentional collapse of the American economy by the globalist Bush and Obama presidencies was designed to make child bearing and rearing to an acceptable Western standard unaffordable for most Americans. These same policies were implemented in Western Europe with equal or greater success.

Most, but not all. Excepted from all of this are the rich liberal elites and, of course, Muslims. Muslims, alone in America, enjoy the full suite of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. They can openly call for the murder of homosexuals and Jews, they can routinely participate in gatherings in which Nazi propaganda is freely promulgated. They can call for the extermination of Jews in America and in Israel, all with complete impunity from sanction by the media, the Big Tech, the academia, or any other bastion of globo-bolshevism. Most of all, Muslims are impervious to mandated sexual perversion. They alone can express disgust and opprobrium towards homosexuality and other sexual perversions and unequivocally ban it from their communities. They procreate, and how.

The Islamic beard, the turban, the hijab, are the brown shirts, the SS armbands of today’s America. They empower their wearers to suddenly become above the law, unshackled from centuries of Western morals and behavioral norms, free to spew the most vile hate with utter impunity in every possible forum including the United States Congress. The immunity from norms of human behavior that is granted by militant Islam does not stop at the individual level or at America’s shores. It extends to international affairs and grants Iran, a country that invented militant Islam as a political force, full immunity against abiding by any and all norms of international discourse and behavior. Iran routinely calls for the second and this time final Holocaust of the Jewish people via the destruction of their only country, Israel, in which more than half of them reside.

European countries, countries in which Holocaust denial is a criminal offense and whose soil is literally stuffed to the brim with the mortal remains of their Jewish citizens, countries that are home to Holocaust museums that are as meaningless as they are numerous, countries that are led by the perpetrators of the original Holocaust, the Germans, are utterly undeterred. They love Iran, they adore its business opportunities, but it’s not about that. They admire its bloody mindedness, its utter disdain for the values of individual freedom, values that have defined the West and that have made it so powerful. They admire Iran and its religious fanatic rulers because they are all that the liberal Western elites yearn to be: ruthless, unflinching in their hatred towards regular Westerners, rabidly and openly anti-Semitic. They envy Iranians disdain for those same Westerners that voted for Trump and for Brexit and who so stick in their craw with their demands for national sovereignty; for the deplorables who are so ridiculously unwilling to become click slaves for Big Tech and mindless consumers of cheap globalist merchandise.

There are consequences to unambiguous “we want you dead” statements, for both sides. For the side so stating, there is no going back. They must win or perish. For the side targeted, there is a cleansing of sorts. Israel is a good example of such a cleansing. The peace overtures, the extreme concessions made by Israel in the last decade of the 20th century and the first decade of this one, overtures that included the resurrection of the original terror organization, the PLO and its installation only a few miles from the Israeli capital and the withdrawal from both Gaza and Southern Lebanon, resulted in unprecedented slaughter of Israeli civilians by the Arabs. Slaughter by suicide bombers and every other conceivable means. Slaughter of Jewish civilians who resided in a country whose entire raison d’etre was the prevention of such slaughter. The result of this has gone largely under-reported, at least outside of Israel; Israelis became more nationalistic, more right-wing, more religiously observant. Militant “we want you dead because you are of no conceivable use to us” Islam made most Israelis realize that no means of self-defense, including the Biblical annihilation and expulsion of the enemy was morally unjustified.

In America, president Trump has just announced that ICE will “immediately” begin removing “millions” of illegal aliens. Once again the “we want you dead” face of the enemy, once seen cannot be unseen. The recently unthinkable, the “you can’t really expect us to load millions of people on trucks and dump them into Mexico” becomes not only acceptable, but inevitable, the only means of survival, the only moral and ethical choice.

Around the world, weaponized, militant Islam is being used by the globo-bolshevik elites in the same way that Hitler and his homicidal followers were used, in the early days, by the German ruling elites, the sophisticated, cultured Junkers. These elites pride themselves on keeping their hands clean, on outsourcing the dirty work of genocide to others who are both willing and able, always forgetting that they will be next on the menu. But Islam has done its putative masters a disservice; it disclosed its intentions too soon, it took on interests that, while appearing powerless, are still far from being so.

There is a certain honesty in the proclamations of Ali Khamenei, just as there is in the words of Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib and Omar. They mean what they say, we had better believe them. Americans are almost ready to do so, almost ready to unshackle themselves from false equivalencies and irrelevant moral platitudes, almost ready to adopt the Jewish ethics of “he who rises to kill you, kill him first”. Only one thing remains: to be successful, to wage a winning battle against the forces of darkness, to avoid the fate of the weak, Americans must realize that Iran and the Muslim-Bolshevik alliance that has taken over what used to be the Democratic party are one and the same, that Tehran is on the Potomac, that the Straits of Hormuz are in Norfolk, that the only way to kill the beast is in its lair by stabbing it through the heart.

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