The Bolshevik Takeover Of America Part II – Destruction Of Church And Family

Bolsheviks destroyed families and churches in Russia, China, and everywhere else they ruled. In America, their project is nearly complete.

Love between mother and daughter
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Much has been written about the homelessness problem in America. The kind of homelessness which makes people sleep on the street that is, but next to nothing about the real homelessness epidemic, the one in which people have a roof over their heads, but no place to call home. A home is not a structure with four walls and a roof. A home is a place where we feel safe, protected, secure. A home is a space that we share exclusively with people whom we deeply love and who love us back. A home is a place of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual cleansing and rejuvenation. Home is a place that makes us smile even when no one is watching.

Homes come in different shapes: mansions, yurts, caves. But they all have one thing in common; they are our docking stations, they are places that we build for ourselves with our loved ones, places without which we are as chaff in the wind: forever susceptible to the changing winds of time, exposed to the manipulations of mountebanks, fodder for power hungry despots.

Perhaps uniquely in all of nature we Homo Sapiens require not only one, but two homes. It is not enough for us to have a cozy den for us and our family, we also need a spiritual home, a place where we can come together with our community and share with its members something that transcends the daily grind, settle grievances we may have incurred in the normal course of our public lives, forget, if just for a few hours, what divides us and focus on what unites us as members of a single community, one that has a common purpose and a common destiny.

Just as the one thing that defines our private homes is our love for its cohabitants, our family, so the one thing that defines our public homes is also love, love for the Creator who shares that home with us and under whose roof we are gathered. This love, the love that He feels for ALL of us, makes our everyday disputes seem puny, it puts us on our best behavior, like children in the presence of their Father, whose squabbles suddenly lose their meaning.

No person can be free when he is homeless. The freedom of having no family, no community, no possessions, no faith is not freedom, it is its ugly twin: wantonness. Freedom is not about having no obligations to men or to God; quite the opposite, freedom comes when we knowingly and willingly incur these obligations and make ourselves skillful enough, determined enough, and brave enough to discharge them. Real freedom is found in the discharge of obligations to our families, our communities, and our Creator, not in their avoidance.

People who have two homes, public and private, a home for their souls and a home for their bodies, can never be enslaved simply because they already have a master: God. Such people will never follow the false siren song of a dictator, a politician, a carpetbagger, the likes of which populate nowadays our halls of Congress. They are impervious to empty promises because they are self-sufficient; through hard work and personal sacrifice they have already built for themselves lives that are rich not in material possessions (though these can be very nice), but in spiritual ones. They do not need government handouts and safety nets because they have a safety net: it is their family and their community. The behavior of people that have two homes does not need to be regulated from above; it is regulated from within.

It is little wonder therefore that those who have wished to enslave us throughout history and particularly in modern times have first endeavored to makes us malleable to becoming slaves by making us homeless. They begin their work by destroying both our homes, by making what is good, wholesome, and godly seem onerous, silly, and nearly impossible to accomplish.

The economic theory of communism and its political offspring bolshevism sprung from the fertile ground of the industrial revolution of the second half of the 19th century. The shift in the means of production from the countryside to the cities with the resulting dehumanizing labor for hourly wages had already destroyed many people’s families and their ties to their communities and their God. The mass starvation that the Bolsheviks induced in the Russian Empire and their war on farmers was designed to root out what they considered, and rightly so, the last bastion of the Russian family and the Russian faith-based community life. Their project of turning Russians (and adjacent peoples) into a truly homeless people had succeeded beyond their wildest imagination and was since copied by China, Cuba, Cambodia, and many other countries across the globe. Since the 1950’s, this project has been well underway in the West, including right here in America.

In the highly urbanized West, the twin objectives of the new breed of slave masters, the globalist neo-Bolsheviks were rather easy to achieve. Large cities are poor venues in which to find a mate and build a home. The flight to the suburbs of 1950’s and 1960’s vintage decimated the various “Little Italy’s” and other ethnic urban communities, giving us alienating landscapes of cookie-cutter single family homes and strip malls. The only bulwark against the destruction of our first home, the family, were women. It was women, mothers, that made a hastily constructed soulless split ranch into a home. It was women who brought with them community traditions, who hung up the crucifixes and lit the Sabbath candles.

So the Bolsheviks declared war on American women. Just like their Russian predecessors, they made monogamy into a dirty word, declaring that women’s sexuality was nothing but a commodity to be sold, repeatedly, at the auction of modernity. They heavily advertised to women intoxicants like booze and tobacco, using this protected “commercial” speech to showcase to tens of millions of American and Western women what their lifestyles should be: lifestyles that involved selfishness rather than sacrifice, sexual abandon rather than sexual reserve, lust rather than love. The Bolsheviks enticed women out of the home and into the workforce while relying on the capitalist free markets to adjust cost of living expenses ever upwards so that the way back home was barred forever; no one can dream of surviving on a single income anymore.

The result is generations of American kids who have never known what it means to have a home and thus what it means to be free. They came home from school to empty homes and nuked for themselves TV dinners full of chemicals, fats, sugar, and salt. They never saw their moms at their best; compassionate, loving, caring. They saw them dead tired, irritable, their minds still firmly on the slights or triumphs of the workday, not on home and family.

Ever the geniuses at mass marketing and weaponized propaganda, the Bolsheviks gave their war on women a catchy name: feminism. And they gave feminism a foil, a deadly enemy, the patriarchy. Of course, patriarchy is simply another word for family, but war on family just doesn’t sound right. Not yet, anyway.

The most powerful force in nature as we all know is sex, which is why all civilizations and cultures have erected systems of controls around it lest it shakes itself loose and destroys humanity. These controls are designed first and foremost to protect our most precious resources: women and children. Without them, no society can endure because it simply cannot propagate itself.

The neo-Bolsheviks just as the old ones set out to destroy civilizational controls around sex, which begs the question: are they stupid? Don’t they know that a society that does not tightly control the human sex drive cannot possibly endure beyond a generation or two? The answer is as simple as it is horrifying. They know it. They know it full well, but it fits perfectly with their elites vs. deplorables class struggle ideology. In Bolshevik societies like today’s Russia and China there are only two classes: the elites to whom everything is permitted and the deplorables to whom nothing is permitted unless otherwise specified by the elites. In China and Russia today deplorables can get rich, but their possessions are never their own. The elites can decide for whatever reason or for no reason at all to take everything away, to imprison, and to kill any deplorable. There are many examples of this from recent years.

And there is one thing to know about the elites: they care nothing about the deplorables they control except for one thing and one thing only – their ability to produce revenue for the elites’ consumption. The problem with deplorables who are not homeless is that while they are unparalleled producers of revenue, they tend to mistake the revenue they produce for their own rather than belonging to the elites. They have misguided notions of owning every dollar they make and wanting to be asked politely before they part with any of it to benefit the elites. This notion is anathema to Bolsheviks. The post-collectivization Russian agriculture with its communal farms was based on a legal framework that stipulated that the Bolshevik elites owned everything: the land, the animals, the machinery, and every waking hour of every human being. The elites, owning it all, then parted with just enough to keep the Russian farmers from succumbing to starvation and disease before they outlived their usefulness.

As a result of collectivization the Russian farmland went from the most productive to the least productive in the world within less than a decade. This did not bother the elites one bit. American Bolsheviks know that confiscatory taxation hurts productivity and reduces revenues. They do not care, because they would rather own all of less revenue than some of more. The Bolsheviks do not care that their anti-women, anti-family policies are resulting in unsustainably low birth rates because as are we are all now witnessing their point of view is that a deplorable from Kentucky is no better or worse than a deplorable from Guatemala and the world has an inexhaustible supply of deplorables.

There is one innovation for which we must give the American Bolsheviks their due, one flash of genius that they have had that eluded their Russian idols. The American Bolsheviks have figured out how to use the language of capitalism to advance their communist/socialist agenda. After all, there is nothing wrong with growing shareholder value as long as the shareholders come exclusively from the ranks of the elites. Just like the Russian Bolsheviks have co-opted the language of Christianity by replacing the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with the unholy one of Marx, Engels and Lenin, the American Bolsheviks co-opted the language of the free markets to advance their agenda of total control of the means of production and the resulting revenues. All they had to do was to extend the definition of the means of production from land, machinery, and intellectual property to humans. That is really all it took. What kind of capitalist would you be if you paid more for a computer chip because it was made in upstate New York instead of Taiwan? The same kind that would pay more for the work hours of a US citizen when a perfectly good and much cheaper illegal alien was knocking at the door.

Having driven American women out of the home and into the workplace to trade their sexual favors for workplace advancement, the American Bolsheviks have substantially destroyed the American family and made many if not most Americans homeless in the true sense of the word. But their victory would not be complete, their plans for the fundamental transformation of America as one of their leaders Barack Obama had called it would not come to full fruition without the destruction of the second home, the spiritual one: the church.

Alas, American churches proved to be no more resilient than American families, but rather far less so. American pastors, priests, and rabbis betrayed their calling as truth tellers and community leaders en mass, rushing to become the virtue-signalers in chief, leading their flocks straight off the precipice of depravity. All it took to fool them into compliance was a bit of verbal jujitsu attached to a few dollar bills. In America, religious institutions are exempt from taxation as long as they refrain from political speech. Now all it took was redefining the meaning of “political speech” and the Bolsheviks’ dream of destroying religion in America could become reality.

Before, political speech was endorsement of parties, candidates, or political platforms. Today, everything is political. Object to the normalization of homosexuality? Political speech, get audited. Promote straight marriage? Political again (though which party opposes gay marriage today?). The Bolshevik motto that everything is negotiable, nothing is scared, and hence everything is political coupled with the American clergy’s innate greed did the trick. Not a single place of worship in America is now free to preach the gospel as it sees fit. Except the mosques of course. But that is the subject of the third part in the trilogy, so stay tuned.

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Carax August 12, 2019 at 7:39 am

“In Bolshevik societies like today’s Russia and China there are only two classes:” Russia is hardly a Bolshevik society; it is more a federal semi-presidential republic. I think Mr. Pletner has his history mixed up.

China is a communist-style technocracy run by a president who elected himself for life and it has only one political party (CPC). Bolshevik society???

Staff August 12, 2019 at 11:24 am

Russia is still Bolshevik, only other guys are at the top than those that were there before. Ask Khodorovsky…

maudib August 12, 2019 at 9:53 am

Current Communist Goals

Thursday, January 10, 1963

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography
and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social”
religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual
maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools
on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church
and state.”

aabbea August 12, 2019 at 12:07 pm

Communism is merely the revival of the old Feudal system of a lawless elite lording over an ignorant mass of slaves or serfs. America is the invention of people who went to the New World and essentially became middle class because they were owners, rather than renters as they were to the Feudal lords in Europe. America became the hope for the oppressed world wide and the threat of revolts forced the nobility to liberate their serfs and allow a middle class in the West which invented our modern world based on the use of electricity. Communism, invented by the elite nobility only after the second attempt to crush America failed in 1814, makes everyone dependent on the elite again, just like the it was in the Middle Ages. A more apt description of “progressives” would be “regressives” for their obsession with inverting reality (lies) which exposes them as devil worshiping Luciferians.

Truthseeker39525 August 12, 2019 at 2:12 pm

The cause of decency and civilization in America was not helped by the Catholic Church allowing itself to be infiltrated by large numbers of weak and evil homosexual pedophile priests and bishops. Alongside the corruption of the Catholic church was the corruption of many of the Protestant churches in their decision to officially embrace the abomination of homosexuality. Lacking what had traditionally been respected institutions to rally around, it is difficult for the decent regular folk to organize themselves. Adding to this is the corrupt mainstream media attacking any group that tries to ‘get off the ground’, as well as the more recent attacks via Google, Twitter and Facebook (who control almost all the online advertising money) who first withhold advertising revenue, then remove and ‘ban’ anyone who dares set one toe off the leftist reservation.


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