In A Major Win For Zionism, For Israel, And For Netanyahu 40 Heads Of State Including Putin Are Gathered In Israel To Commemorate The 75th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Auschwitz

After Macron has a temper tantrum and has to apologize to Israeli cops, Russian president Putin triumphantly arrives in Israel as the most consequential attendee of the Holocaust memorial conference

A swearing in ceremony for new recruits of the Nahal brigade at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
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There can be no way of saying this differently: 75 years ago Jews and the Jewish nation itself were barely clinging to life. Today, we possess one of the most successful and most dynamic nation states in the world, one that punches orders of magnitude above its weight in technology, science, culture, and political vision.

From barely alive skeletons in Auschwitz, to being barred from top positions in American universities and businesses, to barely escaping with their lives from the lands of Islam, Jews 75 years ago were on the brink of near extinction and complete irrelevancy. Today, Jews are the most secure in their survival, the most prominent, and the most consequential that we have ever been in our long, long history.

We have seen entire empires, from the Egyptians to the Babylonians, from the Romans to the British fall and get utterly subsumed by the shifting sands of history, and yet we are still here, stronger by far than we had ever been.

Nothing can visualize this amazing accomplishment of the Zionist movement, this miracle unparalleled in all of human history better than the gathering of no less than 40 heads of state in Jerusalem today to commemorate the liberation, by the Soviet military, of the Auschwitz death camp.

Auschwitz was a machine. It was a machine for the extermination of Eastern European Jewry and it was built by the most technologically advanced country of that time: Germany.

It was, like all things that are made in Germany, very well built and very well suited to its task, a task in which, to the great shame of the rest of the world, it had indeed been successful. Eastern European Jewry is no more. From many millions, it is now down to a few hundreds of thousands, nearly all of which are recent immigrants from other parts of the world. The language of Eastern European Jews, Yiddish, while preserved by a few ultra-Orthodox communities, will never again be the vibrant, irreverent, hilariously sad language of Isaac Bashevis Singer. There will be (substantially) no more Yiddish newspapers and theaters, no more Yiddishkeit, though Seinfeld the American TV show comes close.

But Auschwitz did not just exterminate European Jewry; it exterminated Europe itself and all of Western Civilization. The horror of Germany, the pinnacle of that civilization, the nation that more than any other represented its glories in both the scientific and spiritual arenas, turning all of its might to the extermination of a powerless and innocent people can never be erased.

It is this horror that is behind all of the suicidal actions that the Western civilization, on both sides of the Atlantic, has engaged in for the past 75 years. Auschwitz is behind the effacement of European nationalism and of European faith: Christianity. Auschwitz is behind every rape of every European girl by a Muslim migrant brought to her country by the European globalist elites.

Auschwitz has never stopped killing, it has simply changed its target. Auschwitz is a Golem, a Frankenstein, a creature born out of Europe’s darkest fears, fears that no amount of “enlightenment” could ever conquer. Auschwitz was built by Germany, but it was staffed by Poles and other East European Christians and it was allowed to operate by England and by the United States while both of them were stopping Jews from escaping the horrors of Europe and coming to their shores or to Palestine, then under British rule.

Auschwitz is a creature of Western Europe and of Eastern Europe alike. Of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christianity. It is a machine that was built by the worst of them, by Germans, but could only become operational with the more or less enthusiastic consent of all Christendom. No one then alive who sat at the tables of power in Europe and in America is free of blame for what transpired in the goddamned place.

Fantasy movies show us that the gates of hell, even once open, can somehow be sealed again. That demons, once unleashed, can be forced back. But this is nothing but a Hollywood fancy. When Auschwitz opened the gates of hell, the demons that were unleashed could never be returned, the evil that came to dwell in this world could never be conquered and they still can’t be today.

Yesterday, the French president Macron was reduced to first yelling at and then apologizing to low-ranking Israeli police officers because, in their ardor to protect him, they entered a Jerusalem church that is a French diplomatic possession. This is Europe today: weak, inconsequential, all but destroyed by its own creation, Auschwitz.

By far the most important, the most feted arrival at the event is that of Russian president Putin, representing the country that, say what you want, defeated Nazism in Eastern Europe and liberated not only Auschwitz, but nearly all of its siblings. Polish president Duda chose not to come because he knows the truth; he knows which side the Poles were on back then and which side they are still on today and it is not the side of humanity. He was right to stay home; his place is not among those who wish to make amends.

Today is a great victory for Zionism, for the Jewish People, for the State of Israel. It is also a huge political win for incumbent PM Netanyahu. As his challenger, the grey and hapless Mr. Gantz is forlornly wondering the reception halls to which he was invited as the head of the opposition, nobody knows who he is, while Mr. Netanyahu is sought out by everyone.

All Israelis admit, some vocally, others silently, that it is only due to Mr. Netanyahu’s long tenure in the prime minister’s office, only because of his vision for a strong and independent Israel, independent from everyone including America, that this day has been made possible.

By every possible measure, Israel has just completed its best (by far) decade of existence. The IDF last year recorded the smallest number of casualties it has ever had since its birth in 1948, from both tactical and accidental reasons. Considering that the size of the Israeli military is now multiples that of years past, this is a remarkable accomplishment.

The Polish head of the Auschwitz memorial expressed outrage that the events commemorating the transition of the Auschwitz golem from killing Jews to killing Gentiles (in other words, its “liberation”) were held in Jerusalem rather than at Auschwitz, in Poland. This outrage is understandable, because whoever that guy is, he is simply another Polish antisemite who does not recognize that today’s Jerusalem was born in Auschwitz, delivered into this world by the ghosts of the people who were gassed and burned there by his Polish grandfathers.

But honestly who cares what that guy or his president think? Who cares what the president of a country that cannot defend itself thinks? The Poles, as is their wont, want to pay others, in this case Americans, to protect them against Russia. In the 1930s they tried to enlist the British and the French to protect them against Germany. Perhaps they should think on how that turned out for them.

Macron and his ilk flooded France and the rest of Europe with Muslims while teaching their own people to hate Christianity. As many if not most churches in France stand empty, their ancient oak doors locked forever, as the most famous symbol of France, the Notre Dame cathedral is hanging between life and death, Macron is yelling at Israeli police who enter a French church in Jerusalem. This is also Auschwitz’s doing. It is so very appropriate that this incident happened on this day.

The world had its say. No matter what many Muslims and their European collaborators, many of them nominally Jewish think, the Jews that were sent up in smoke at Auschwitz and the Jews that got on Macron’s nerves in Jerusalem while wearing the uniforms of a free Jewish state are one and the same. This is what the 40 heads of state gathered today in Jerusalem have come to acknowledge. Perhaps, finally, this acknowledgment will begin the real process of putting Auschwitz back in hell, where it belongs.

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