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Dr. Zev Zelenko To Release Book On Treatment Process For COVID-19

Dr. Zev Zelenko To Release Book On Internet Protocol To Treat COVID-19
Dr. Zev Zelenko

The Internet Protocol team has an exclusive copy of Dr. Zelenko’s new book on the treatment process and detailed experiences of COVID-19 patients while undergoing medical care with Dr. Zelenko and his colleagues from around the world.

Find the book here: 

Here’s why this piece of news matters:

• His new compendium is the first volume to be published in this field to date.

• We know some outlets are afraid to post such materials because they believe it is related to the political agenda, but Dr. Zelenko’s protocol aims to save the lives of people who have COVID-19. 

• This data is highly relevant nowadays because the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating, and we need to find ways to keep people safe and healthy, and Dr. Zelenko’s protocol might be a solution.

At the moment, Dr. Zelenko is in the hospital, awaiting pre-surgery procedures. However, he is so dedicated to his research and how the protocol works on people and helps them recover from COVID-19 that he cannot heed the advice of doctors and works 16 hours a day.

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